Cinema its Advantages and Disadvantages

English Essay on "Cinema its Advantages and Disadvantages"

The cinema is today the most popular form of entertainment. It is such a common thing that every town and even villages have their picture houses. Thousands of people, young as well as old, visit the cinema every day.

It has may advantages. The cinema has great powers of educating as well as entertaining the masses. It brings before us stories of history. It can teach even the illiterate. Great battles of history great events of the past, lives of great men who lived hundred years ago, all these are presented before us on the screen.

For schools and colleges we have special films. Films on history, Geography and science make all those subjects far easier to learn and understand than mere textbooks on these subjects can. The cinema has its drawbacks too. There are many films, which have bad effect on the morals of the young children. Many young boys and girls have ruined their lives by following mad ideas of cinema films. Many films deal with crimes and young people learn to copy these crimes. A large number of films deal cheap love stories. Films exercise such terrific attraction that young people go to visit picture houses at the cost of health, as well as duty.

However, if proper care is taken the evils of the cinemas can be removed and the cinema can be used as a very useful means of progress in the world.

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