My Neighbour

English Essay on "My Neighbour"

A neighbour is a person who lives next to our doors. Every one must has a neighbour and a good neighbour is a great blessing of God. Islam gives great importance to the neighbours and their rights.

I live in Hyderabad colony connected with Jamshed Road. Mirza Ali Baig is my neighbour. He is an old man of sixty, yet he is quite hole and healthy. He is a Government retired personal and has seen good clays in his youth. He is very regular in his prayers. He is a very early riser and says his prayers regularly. He goes for the morning walk without fail. This seems to be the secret of his good health.

Though he is quarrelsome by nature, he often meets you smiling, lie is useless and he is very sad when any body talks of it. He is very kind to children and gives them sweets when they come to him. He is very fond of reading newspapers but he never pays for them because he can very easily borrow from his neighbour. He is friend of my father and my father often invites him to tea. I am very proud of my this neighbour due to his good habits and nature. Though he is an old person yet he loves the young ones and gives them the advices of good sense and magnificent character.

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