English Essay on "Scouting"

Scouting means to perform useful duties after obtaining the training in this field. If they are properly trained they may be employed in doing other useful social jobs.

These days scouting is becoming very popular. It was frustrated started by Lord Baden power in England and then by and by it has spread all over the world. Its main objects arc to help the people in distress. There are social worker and are always friends of mankind. They are trained to obey the elders, love the younger respects the mankind and regard the fellowman. There are different grades of scouting. The beginners are called cubs. Scouts, first of all, get training in First —Aid which is the foremost duty of the scout, and moreover in cooking, cycling and in swimming. There are also taught in many practical of arts. They usually were fixed khaki uniform with bodies of different categories and status. They also have a rope and handkerchief with knife.

They have to abide by the rules and regulation of scouting. On different occasions either in school, colleges and universities or public places they keep discipline in the students and control traffic on different major roads. In the days of war. They help the police. In short “a scout model of service to mankind”

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