Self - Help

English Essay on "Self- Help"

Standing at the foot boys.
Gazing at the sky.
I low can you get boys?
If you never try.”

So asks a poet. He says that if we merely stand at the foot of a hill keep looking up at the sky, it is impossible that we should be able to climb up to the top of it. We cannot climb a hill unless we try. Unless we try to help ourselves, no one can helpless. Even God will not help us unless, we first try to help ourselves. “Heaven helps those who help themselves,” says an old proverb. Noble and great achievement is possible oily when a person performs his deeds according to his own convictions.

A person should be must be song enough to face the difficulties of life. He should be courageous is his practical life. The habit of self-help, makes a person well disciplined and punctual in life. Has practice of self help strengthens his will power. He lives a happy and contented life due to his firm will power and confidence. Such a person is well aware of the manners of living in a society and understands the matters of social life. Such a person is the symbol of enthusiastic courage.

Self-help does not, of course, mean that we should receive no help at all from anybody else. It means that must try to do our job for ourselves. We should not say, “whatever is in my fate will happen.” That is a wrong attitude. If a man shut himself in his own house and says that should get his meal through the roof. He will have to go out and exert himself, he will then get his food. Even animals cannot get food without hard work. Every bird and animal has to go in search of its food, work hard for it, searching, humbling for it and it is able to get the food. We cannot get any thing, we have no right to ask for anything unless we work for it. That is self-help.

For a student’s self — help is very important. He has to prepare for his examination unless he worked hard for it, he cannot hope to pass the examination. He must, of course, get help from his teachers and some times, his class-fellows. However, the success, (his success) at the examination will depend upon the amount of work lie has done.

This is not only true for an individual but also a nation. No nation can progress as long as it keeps on depending upon others to help her.