The Life in a Large City

English Essay on "The Life in a Large City"

Karachi is large city in Pakistan and life in Karachi is what we understand by life in a big city.

The one great peculiarity of a big city is its hurry. There is no leisure. Life moves with quickness. There arc crowds and crowds of people and all to be in a hurry. You have fast moving cars, buses, trains, trains and so on and they all carry their loads of passengers from one place to another with great quickness. When we see these people we feel as if they have no time to stand or talk to us. There are office-workers, clerks, commission agents, traders, students, professors, lawyers and so on, all bent up some thing or the other and all in hurry.

Wherever you go in a big city you find huge crowds. In market places, near tram or the bus stops near picture house (cinemas or just at street corners there are crowds of people. Even in public parks or on the sea. Shore we see big/large crowds of people. Such huge numbers of people are not to be found in one place in towns and villages.

Life in big cities has its own comforts, which people living in small towns can never enjoy. There are big shops and stores where we can get things from a pin to an elephant. Things brought from the ends of the earth are available in one place. There are big hospitals and clinics. In cities we can get treatment from the best of doctors. For treatment of serious diseases people have to come in big cities. In big cities we also have big hotels and restaurants, Cinema Houses and Theaters and many other places of recreation. All these facilities make life in a city comfortable.

However, life in big city is also costly. A man in a city spends for more in a week than a whole family would spend in a month in a village. Then with all the speeding vehicles, trams, buses, trucks, cars and so on, there are many accidents everyday. Many lives are lost in these accidents. However people who have spent their life in big cities would not enjoy the simple life of a village, town or a small city.

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