The Uses and Abuses of Television

English Essay on "The Uses and Abuses of Television"

Television is a woderful invention of science and technology. It means that we see as well as hear, “tele” means far or “distant” and “vision” means “seeing”. As the Television show pictures, so it has become too much Interested, colouring the on T.V screen has made it more attractive and pleasing.

A genius scientists Baird invented it. It has become now a part and parcel of every modern home. It is an addition to the radio, which had been only listened, but Television Provides the both facilities of listening and seeing the coloured pictures it brings news and photograph from all over the world. We can watch, games, drama, wrestling, musical, programmes etc, on the Television it telecasts world events and international business conditions. It shows natural scenes and rights and other historical places which, if we desire t see them in person, it is quite impossible for us as we cannot afford the traveling expenditures etc., it also Telecasts the live records of cricket, hockey and football games television has also great educational value officials and experts can give talk on television. Students can learn a lot by seeing on it.

But on the other hand it has also some bad effects on youngsters. The culture of films and theater has deviated the mind of the young generation to ward a negative attitude. It has generated on absurd careless and hollowness in their minds. It is well expressed from their sluggish mode of living. It has persuaded the mind of new generation.

Often students are seen sitting around it any neglect their studies. Some programmes and to crimes and immorality. It is being used for political propaganda instead of social reforms.

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