Uses and Abuses of Science

English Essay on "Uses and Abuses of Science"

We are living in the most advanced age of science. Science is the only common factor among the nations of the world. It can be called the religion of the modern world. It has brought about a revolution in our lives. Science has given us electricity. Science has done the greatest good in the field of medicine, it has insured our health. We expect to live longer. Science has rendered great services in the fields of communication and transport. The world has shrunk. It has become like one unit Radio, Television and VCR have added to our joys, amusements and entertainments must be thankful to scientists.

But on the other hand science has also given us terrible weapons of destruction. When we consider that Science has given us atom bomb and hydrogen Bombs which can be wipe out entire world in no time then began to wonder whither science is going to prove to be a curse rather than a blessings the scientist invented the aeroplanes which Serve us as the wings of man. However the politician used the aeroplanes as a bomber to destroy thousands of people. It is the misuse of science, which has, make it so fearful infact, science has contributed immensely to human happiness. Before the of modern medicine, people suffered from method of protecting ourselves from these diseases. scicnce has also discovered new effect medicines for this purpose.

t is correct that science is a blessing for human being but on the other hand, it is also a terrible one if we use it wrongly.

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