A Visit to a Factory

English Essay on "A Visit to a Factory"

We had to study the preparation of ice in our science course. Our teacher, therefore, decided to take us to a local ice factory to see how ice is manufactured.

When we went with our teacher and classmates to the ice factory. We were received by the manager who appointed one of his senior workers to conduct us round the factory and explain things.

He first took us to the room where liquid Ammonia was being pumped at high pressure into pipes, which ran into another section of the factory. We then went to that part of the factory where these pipes ran. Here we saw ice being prepared. Huge cans were filled with water, which to freeze into ice.

These cans were left standing in a solution of salt and water through which the carrying ammonia liquid were running. As the liquid ran through these pipes it evaporated and so reduced the temperature of the salt solution, which in its turn cooled the water in the ice- cans till the water finally froze into ice. We next came out on a huge terrace where the pipes of Ammonia came out of the ice-freezing room. These pipes now contained Ammonia Gas. On these pipes cool water continued filling for which suitable arrangements were made. The result was that Ammonia gas changed into liquid again which went onia gas changed into liquid again which went again to the pressure room we had seen at first and the whole process was repeated over and again.

Before we left the factory we were taken to the delivery shed where ice from the factory was being sent to different parts of the city. We saw huge slabs of ice sliding out of the factory and into trucks. It was a very enjoyable visit and what we saw there will line in our minds for years.

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