Debating Societies

English Essay on "Debating Societies"

Every school and college has its debating society, which arrange debates and elocution contest for the students. Besides school and college there are other association and societies, which has, arrange debates.

Debating societies serve many useful purposes. In the first place they bring together different people pleasant acquaintances and even dose friend ships are formed. When we take part in debate, when we speak on apposite sides of a question, we learn to tolerate other people’s views and opinions. We may become broad-minded. Moreover, in a debate. We have to be quick in thinking. Thus debating societies help in sharpening wits and strengthening the intellectual powers of a person. Debates are arranged on a variety of subjects and we are given an opportunity to listen to arguments in favour of and against new topics.

Debating societies arc of special importance to school and college. The young boys and girls who attend school and collage need a common platform from which they can discuss various questions. Shyness and hesitancy are removed. When they come on the platform and speak. In the they beginning they may experience some difficulty but the soon learn to speak fluently and discuss freely. Some of this very sky person may become great public speakers and orators. Some of the members of debating. Societies may become members of legislative assemblies and parliament of their country.

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