Forces of Habits

English Essay on "Forces of Habits"

Many people tell us that they must do a certain thing regularly because it is their habit to do so. For instance, a man smokes he cannot do without it. If he does not get a chance to smoke he will find it very miserable. He muse smoke. I his is because he has formed the habit of smoking and the habit has gone on so long that he has become a slave to it. There is a force of habits.

Now habits may be good or bed. For instance, the habit of early rising. It may appear to be a difficult thing at first to rise early in the morning. Slowly it becomes a habit you wake up at on early hour of the morning. Nobody wakes you up nor you have an alarm clock. Still you wake up at the right time because you have formed the habit of rising early. That is one example of force of habit and a good habit. There are many habits of this type. Keeping neat and tidy, using polite language, doing one’s work carefully and at regular hours, offering one’s prayers, dressing one’s nearly and so on. Once formed these habits last a lifetime.

On the other hand there are bad habit smoking, drinking, laying, over, spending money, borrowing and so on. We must be, therefore, very careful about our habits. We must sea to it that we form good habits. We should check bad habits tell it is in our power to do. It would be a difficult job when we have become slaves to our habits.

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