Recollection of My Childhood

English Essay on "Recollection of My Childhood"

Childhood is the happiest period of one’s life! It is, however, a period of life that passes soon and once gone it never comes back. As soon and once gone it never comes back.

When I try to recollect the days of childhood, a host of memories rises up before mc. I smile at things I have said and done because they appear so silly to me now.

Here comes one occasion. It was a wedding in our family. My aunty was getting married and therefore leaving us. She was to go out of our town too as I had heard the older talking. Now, I was very fond of aunty and would not let her go. As I was explained she must go because she was “getting married” I insisted that in that case I too would get married that in that case I too would get married then and there! I laugh at myself now when I think of it, but at that time I was too young to understand what “getting married” means.

Here comes another picture. It is some festival and there is a big annual fair. I go with my elder brother to see the fair. Naturally there is a great result of people and I get lost. In my anxiety to watch some big toys in some booth, I let go my brother’s finger and lie disappears set up a howl and looked about bewildered at the faces of people around me. Then comes a policeman. Now, who ever wanted him? Of all people, he was the last man I had wanted to see, because I was always told that if I cried the “policewala” would come and take me away: here I was crying and the policewala had popped up, from God know where, any way he was nice to me and asked me if I had got lost. Now what silly question. It wasn’t I that was lost. It was my that was lost. I told him.

There are, further many remembrances of my childhood. I still remember my school picnic to the ZOO We enjoyed it. Once I want with my family on picnic to seaside. I was washed away by a big wave. An English lady from drowning saved me. One day my grand pope was died. I was the saddest day for us. I still remember that good lesson given by him. Thanks God he had performed the Haj.

There are the some of the recollections that rush up to my mind when I think of my childhood. Flow differently I feel and think about there same incidents now. But I feel that it was an extremely happy period of life. It is gone forever and left only its sweet recollection.

Memories of childhood are the fountain of vivacity and liveliness of spirit. It is inscribed on the screen of heart till the last break.

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