Karachi Mega City Mega Problems

English Essay on "Karachi Mega City Mega Problems and Problem of Big / Mega Cities"

Karachi is the mega city of Pakistan and discover today is loaded with problems. A host of problems surround the Karachites at every step. If one problem is solved, another problem lies in wait for them. Transport problem is one of the most serious problems of this city. Majority of people in Karachi travel in buses, mini-buses and Raskshaws. The number of Raskshaws and Motor Cycles has increased due to poor condition of Buses. Buses are the main means of transport in this city. But they are not in position to meet the need of the people. Most of the buses are not in good condition. The buses are generally over loaded. Karachi city is also faced with the traffic problems. A large number of vehicles run on the roads of this city. Generally our people do not observe the traffic rules. Careless driving, overtaking and driving on the wrong side are very common in Karachi. Due to reckless driving thousands of lives are lost every year. Pedestrians find it difficult to walk freely on roads. Traffic rules are openly violated. Traffic police are negligent in their duties.

As a result road accidents are very common in Karachi. The irresponsible traffic police is also responsible for this. There are also water, electricity, sewerage and housing problems. Sewerage problem is the most severe problem of the day. The roads are usually blocked because of chock sewerage lines. These lines were meant for a small group’s need, but with the expansion of population, they obviously proved to be insufficient. The government solves individual sewerage problems on adhoc basis so the result is quite disappointing.9essay.com The line which is fixed today chocks after few days and therefore, the dirty water is seen standing everywhere and causes several diseases. Another severe problem is the shortage of drinking water. Water is the basic need of every society.

Housing problem is yet another big problem for the Karachites. Since the bulk of population is poor, and belongs to labour class, they are worst effected by the shortage of houses. Again, the shortage of good schools and colleges in Karachi badly affects the education of children. Besides, adulteration, corruption and bribery in offices, lack of medical faculties, crimes of thefts, and violence are also plaguing the lives of the Karachites. These problems still remain unsolved. Karachites are facing difficulties and hardships. Thus, Karachi is rightly called a city of problems. It is very unfortunate that even after seventy years of our independence, we have not been able to overcome any of the fore mentioned problems.

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