An Exciting Cricket Match

English Essay on "An Exciting Cricket Match"

I have witnessed many interesting cricket matches played between world’s famous teams but the cricket match our school played against Karachi Secondary Schools Board Eleven was so exciting that still love to talk about it.

To participate in Inter Board Tournament, our Karachi Board had selected a cricket team in which the most efficient players of Karachi Schools were included. Before playing in the tournament, they had decided to play friendly matches for practice sake against school teams and our Head Master had acceded to their request to play a match against our school. It was a fine December morning when the match begin. Our school play ground was surrounded by the students who had come there to encourage us. Our captain won the toss and, decided to field first. The openers of the Bold Eleven were good hitters no doubt they were used to play cautiously. I am a fast bowler so the captain decided to let me bowl the first over. I was somewhat nervous but, as luck might have it, I delivered the first ball with prayers on my ups and it went straight to the wicket. The batsman tried to play it but the ball suddenly turned inward and hit the wicket. Suddenly the ground became lively with cheers, shouts and dances. I had taken my first wicket of the match on the first ball. There after the players of the Board Eleven played cautiously and avoided to play dangerous and uncertain balls. They played well and brought the score to 45 when I bagged another wicket.(9essay.com) After the dismissal of the fourth player at 90 the Board Eleven began the technique of stopping the balls rather titan playing them. When the captain of the opposite team was caught behind the wicket it made the team nervous and the entire team was out at 150. 1 had the honour of taking six wickets that day.

We played our innings cautiously. Our openers presented a good show and they scored 70 runs before they were out. Our other players also played well and we were 146 for 9 when I went to play. I was the last player and still had to score 4 runs to draw the match and 5 run slow win. I was nervous no doubt but tried to stop the bail. I could not make a single run in that over. In the next over, my partner managed to hit a boundary. We were at 150. The next over was the last over. In this over, the last ball came rather slow. With a prayer on my lips I hit the ball with all my might and it crossed the boundary line. The ground echoed with shouts as unexpectedly we had defeated the Board Eleven.

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