My Aim in Life

English Essay on "My Aim in Life, My Ambition in Life"

Every school or college boy dreams of a golden future. He may wish to be a millionaire, to be a political leader, to become an outstanding general and so on. Some of my friends wish to be commercial pilots, some want to be businessmen and some want to join Civil Service.

My aim in life is to lighten the sufferings of the helpless multitude, cheer up their gloomy hearts, share the discomforts of the indisposed people, mitigate the anguish of sufferers and help the handicapped, the languished and the groaning persons. To accomplish this end, the best profession is that of a surgeon’s. So I am preparing myself to get myself admitted in a medical college.

I intend to go to U.K or America after my MBBS to specialize in Cardiac Surgery. This field I like because in Pakistan there is a dearth of good heart Surgeons. Heart surgery has developed tremendously in foreign countries and much is being done to save people from such heart diseases which were once considered fatal.

I intend to open a cardiac care hospital fully furnished with modern equipments for heart surgery. Since treatment in Pakistan is very costly and cost of operation has reached beyond the means of ordinary people, I have an intent ion to charge as minimum as possible so that middle class people may also enjoy the benefit of my hospital. From those who live from hand to mouth I plan to charge nothing but the capitalists must pay enough to enable the hospital to meet its expenditure.(9essay.com)

A lot of people die of such heart diseases which can be prevented if due measures are taken. I have an aspiration to educate people how they can live free from a lot of heart decease For this a separate department in the hospital I intend to establish which may take the help of electronic media to approach people and tell them about the precautionary measures they must take. My God materialize my ambitions.

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